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Submit Your Inventory Order Before the Other Big Holiday

With the Chinese New Year fast approaching, many Chinese manufacturers shut down production a few weeks before and after the holiday. Without these factories open and operating, e-commerce customers may go weeks without getting a new shipment of of inventory. So, it’s crucial to know the dates your preferred Chinese manufacturer may be closed and stock up before it’s too late.

Here’s a few things every e-commerce business owner should know about the holiday:

First, with Black Friday and Christmas so close to the Chinese New Year, it’s common to be short on cash and inventory.¬† This double whammy means your shelves are already bare and you probably lack the cash to be able to place an extra inventory order to hold you over during the holiday. Plastiq eliminates this issue by enabling you to use your existing credit cards to pay suppliers. Suppliers receive the money via wire, ACH, or paper check and you can float the payment for up to 60 days using your credit card’s grace period.

Worried about timely stock delivery? Even if your preferred manufacturer is closing soon, Plastiq allows you to make a payment as soon as the same day.¬† Enabling the manufacturer to get started working on your order earlier than other customers in line. Paying with Plastiq keeps your customers happy as items won’t be out of stock and allows you to pay suppliers at lightening speed.

Lastly, does your preferred manufacturers not accept payments in U.S. dollars? You’re not alone. Many manufacturers and suppliers only accept payments in their local currency. With Plastiq, you can use our foreign exchange wire service to pay your supplier in their preferred currency. This keeps your supplier happy and allows you to get your inventory before your manufacturer closes for the holiday.

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