A payment platform that grows with your business.

From cash flow constraints to payment automation needs–Plastiq Pay’s evolved business payments are easier, faster, time-saving and secure like never before.

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Why Plastiq Pay?

Pay the way your business needs–credit, debit, ACH or wire transfer– we'll send payment to your supplier how they prefer.

Extend bill due dates to preserve working capital and improve cash flow.

Save hours and avoid costly errors with automated invoice ingestion and full visibility into your company's payables.

Set payment approval permissions to keep your workflow streamlined.

Pay who you want, where you want, how you want.


Credit card

Extend bill due dates, earn credit card rewards, and pay any bill by card-even to suppliers that don't accept.


Bank or ACH

Securely connect your bank accounts to make free transfers without bank-like limits.


Wire transfers

Pay suppliers by wire in more than 45 countries with exceptionally low FX fees.

A payment platform built to save you time.

Schedule and set recurring payments.

Office Lease

Approve payments on-the-go with the Plastiq app.

Office Lease

Updated tracking for all of your payments

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We’ve made bill pay better–for every business.

Cash flow management

Want to keep more working capital on hand?

Utilize instant, easy short term financing and unlock working capital fast. No more waiting on bank loans.

Payables automation

Want to spend less time on payables?

Automatically import invoice details, route payments for approval and pay suppliers the way they prefer.

Accounting integrations

Want to keep your payables in one place?

Plastiq Pay integrates with all of the major accounting software tools. Meaning fast, easy reconciliation.

Thousands of businesses are choosing Plastiq. Here’s why:

With Plastiq, I don’t have to pay my January Facebook advertising bill until April, freeing up cash flow and making my business run smoother.

Jason Rappaport,
Universal Standard

I run a construction and real estate business. Plastiq helps balance my cash flow and pay bills on time when I don't have cash on hand. Previously, I would tell vendors, sorry I can't pay you for 3 weeks. Now I can pay them early which makes for better vendor relationships.

Stuart Fox,
Fox Financial

I needed to pay a vendor but
my bank limited the amount I could send in a single day. With Plastiq, I was able to send a high volume bank transfer and pay an important vendor on time.

Josh Piotrkovskiat,

When a vendor doesn’t accept credit cards, we negotiate a
45-day ACH payment term.
My cards are in a 60-day repayment cycle, so effectively, I can extend the time a bill comes due up to 105 days with Plastiq.

Sam Garvin, CEO,
Garvin Promotion Group

Experience what evolved payments
can do for your business.