Pay by credit card.
Even if it’s not accepted.

Pay your bills with Plastiq–the payment platform that deals with the mundane task of paying your bills while letting you accrue credit card reward points.

Use your card
to pay for
virtually anything


Office Lease


Office Lease


Office Lease

HOA payments

Office Lease

Technology services

Club memberships



Auto loans

And more


Pay how
you want

Credit, debit or wire transfer–you pay how you want, no matter what your vendor accepts.

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Pay virtually anyone

Your rent, your utilities, your car payments, your tuition–the list of what you can pay goes on and on.

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Enjoy the rewards

Points, miles, cash back–paying your biggest bills with Plastiq means accruing big rewards on your credit card.

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Build better credit

Every bill you pay with Plastiq is an opportunity to build and improve your credit–even if you are just starting out.


It’s a great company that’s easy to work with. I highly recommend it if you want to pay almost any bill with your credit card.

Plastiq Customer

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