Deep Dive: Membership Clubs

Take a close look at the state of payments, the challenges clubs face, and the areas where you can seize the opportunity and grow your business.

The shape of payments in membership clubs today.

The membership club industry has seen significant growth over the last five years and reached a size of over $26B and approximately 10,600 golf and country clubs in the US alone. As the US economy has boomed, memberships and club incomes have grown along with it and are expected to stay stable. Despite this, clubs are looking for ways to seek new revenue streams and improve their bottom line via equipment rentals, event hosting and more. However, innovation in member payment handling has generally lagged behind growth in other areas, and clubs that update their payments can offer members an improved customer experience while driving greater revenue growth.

Key Payments Challenges

Clubs are facing some common challenges.

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Card processing

Many clubs don’t accept credit cards to pay dues and when they do, they can lose up to 5% of revenue to credit card fees.

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Member payment

Members can be very demanding of the level of service provided by clubs. Clunky and outdated payment systems don’t meet this level of service.

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Inefficient payment

Clubs with multiple ways to pay lose time and resources reconciling all payments into a single revenue stream.

Plastiq Accept Solutions

Plastiq Accept meets these challenges.

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No processing

Plastiq Accept allows clubs to accept credit cards without losing revenue from fees.

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Flexible payment

Plastiq Accept lets clubs provide multiple ways for members to pay: cards, ACH, transfers or otherwise.

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Digitizing payment collection simplifies reconciliation and offers full visibility into the payment process for better cash flow management.

Plastiq Accept solves payment problems before they're problems.

Real-time payment collection

Real-time payment collection

Offers flexible payment options

Offers flexible payment options

End-to-end tracking

End-to-end tracking

PCI compliant

PCI compliant

End-to-end payment reports

End-to-end payment reports

Shortens collection times

Shortens collection times

More flexibility—offers multiple options

Offers more flexibility with multiple options

Enables budget-friendly card acceptance

Enables budget-friendly card acceptance

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Preserve Cash with Plastiq Pay.

Like any business, cash flow is critical to the healthy operation of membership clubs. Plastiq Pay gives you a single platform for paying any supplier while also giving you the flexibility to cover unforeseen costs and extend the time to pay off larger expenses without dipping in to cash on hand.

The Club at New Seabury keeps members happy with Plastiq Accept.

The challenge: The Club at Seabury was looking to expand their bottom line and upgrade their member experience. Members had been seeking more flexibility in the way they paid dues, greens fees, and other bills.

The Plastiq Accept solution: By adopting Plastiq Accept, the Club was able to accept credit cards so members could pay the way they wanted. “Our members loved the customer service Plastiq offered. The Plastiq team response time was incredible,” said Jamie Gavin, the Club’s Catering Director.

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