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Cash on hand is worth a lot right now.

Protect your reserves and use the credit you already have to regain control.
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Pay virtually all of your business expenses using your
existing credit cards even when cards are not accepted.

Get help in times of stress.

  • Pay for your supply chain on your favorite card
  • Use the credit you have to expand your options
  • Gain confidence through powerful insights

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Speed and ease in times of need.

  • Fast, easy access to cash when you need it
  • Wire money effortlessly and globally
  • Avoid the monthly cash crunch
  • Preserve your cash on hand

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Maximize margins and
get rewarded.

  • Access early pay discounts
  • Less costly than other financing options
  • Earn rewards on your favorite credit card
  • Small fee (up to 2.5%) can pay for itself

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Better relationships, better business.

  • Stand out with your suppliers
  • Fill larger orders on time
  • Pay quickly
  • Track payments

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How it works

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Create an account then enter recipient information, payment amount, and a card you’d like to use.

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Plastiq accepts all major credit cards and charges 2.5% or less per transaction.

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Your recipient receives their check or bank transfer, without needing to sign up with Plastiq.

Trusted by over 1M customers like you.

With billions in payments made globally, our secure product is trusted by millions.
We use only the best industry-standard security protocols and best practices.

The Plastiq benefit outweighs
the fee.

Most customers are able to offset the 2.5% fee. Here’s how:

Up To 2%
Cash Back

Many cards offer 2% cash back or points on every purchase

Up To 66%
Savings on Debt

Avoid costly loans or earn interest on increased cash flow

Up To 75%
Tax Deduction

The Plastiq fee can be classified as a business expense on tax returns

Up To 2%
Early Pay Discount

Negotiate better payment terms from your vendors when you pay early

Quotation Mark
Plastiq lets us pay for commercial inventory and logistics with company credit cards— expenses totaling millions of dollars that we used to pay by check. The Plastiq platform helps us better manage our cash flow, is very user friendly and saves us both time and money. Plus, we use points earned to offset travel expenses. -Sherman Chang, Trekology