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Universal Standard

Big goals and big growth mean a big need for the ability to use credit and float payments.

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Loyalty comes in all sizes.

With a goal of being “the world's most size-inclusive fashion brand,” Universal Standard set a high bar when they launched in 2015. But by carrying a broad range of modern fashion in sizes 00 to 40, they quickly carved out a niche of loyal customers that allowed them to grow and expand. Or course with growth comes the need to better manage cash flow, and that’s when Jason Rappaport, Chief of Staff and General Counsel, found Plastiq.

A longer runway for fashion.

“Our bank (Silicon Valley Bank) put me in contact with Plastiq and started game planning how we can leverage what Plastiq offers,” Jason said. “We've really used Plastiq to extend the runway on certain payments.” As advertising was a major, ongoing cost for the brand, Universal Standard began using Plastiq to float out payment for things like Facebook marketing. “Plastiq allowed us to pay January Facebook spend all the way toward the end of April, which is something that wouldn't have been possible before,” he said.

The right cash flow fit.

“We have vendors in China, Peru, and Vietnam, and oftentimes we put a deposit down for those payments six months before we received the goods in our warehouse. Then it could be another month before we sell them,” Jason explained. “Plastiq lets us push the payment coming out of our bank account closer to when we're actually selling the goods.”

A versatile piece.

From paying vendors and advertising, to monthly rent for warehouse space, this versatility in managing cash flow has allowed Universal Standard to continue their growth, despite the COVID-19 pandemic necessitating the closing of some brick-and-mortar locations. “You know we feel like 2021 is going to be a great year to re-emerge.”


Plastiq is just very, very simple and easy to use.

Jason Rappaport, Chief of Staff and General Counsel

Sewing it all up.

From launch to now 30+ employees, the business has changed a lot for Universal Standard. When summing up how Plastiq has helped, Jason said, “As we've grown we've had different cash flow needs and that's where you guys have come in.”

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