Manage payables

The Plastiq App allows you to manage, track and unblock bills from anywhere. Keep your business running smoothly even when you’re out of the office.

Sign up for Plastiq, download the app and start paying your bills, wherever you are.


The Benefits of The Plastiq App

Put your back office in your front pocket.

Manage payments anywhere.

Make payments and manage vendors and payment methods from nearly anywhere you want to work.

Never miss a payment.

Scheduled payments let you stay on top of your upcoming pay schedule so you never miss a due date.

Payment approval on-the-go.

Seamlessly run your business and make cashflow decisions no matter where you are.

A dashboard for everything.

A single, easily accessible place to view scheduled payments and get insights on your cashflow outlook.

How It Works For You

All your payments, anywhere you go.

Sign up for Plastiq, download the app and get a 360-degree view of all your accounts payable details from the palm of your hand.

Track your funds.

Know what cash is coming in and going out any time of day.

Payment info with a tap.

Virtually everything you need to know about your accounts payable with a single tap.

Real-time cash flow decisions.

Forgot to make or schedule a payment? No worries–make them from your phone.

Run your business from anywhere.