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Pay Tuition on your Credit Card with Plastiq

It’s that time of year when tuition payments are due! But maybe the pain of a big bill could be a little less when you earn credit card rewards.

Plastiq’s unique platform allows you to use your existing credit card to pay for tuition, instead of using checks. Enabling you to keep cash in your pocket for a rainy day and earn card rewards for an expense you need to pay already. Paying with a credit card will also give you up to 60 days of cash float, so you have more time to pay off the tuition bill without locking up your cash on hand in case of unpredictable expenses.

Better Than A Loan

Using Plastiq, you can avoid the hassle of other types of financing when the tuition payment is due. You’re able to enjoy a more flexible approach to financing. Plastiq enables you to gain quick access to short-term financing through your existing lines of credit, so tuition can be paid on time without any penalties. Paying on a credit card eliminates steep interest fees that can come with short-term loans. Student loans can be daunting and can stick with you throughout the greater portion of your adulthood. Making up any funding shortfalls with short-term loans can be even more painful and long-lasting. Plastiq is the solution to reduce some of that financial stress by allowing you to put tuition on a credit card, giving you more time to pay off the expense.

Thousands of students across the US and Canada already rely on Plastiq to pay their tuition at UC Berkeley, Northwestern University, Mount Royal University, University of Toronto, University of Alberta, and many more.

Plastiq is the best way to pay tuition payments with a credit card. And we can be used to pay other everyday expenses with a credit card, where cards are not accepted. Get started today!


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