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What to wear to a Plastiq interview

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Apr 17, 2019

You’ve likely read our many blog posts around our interview process including what we look for when hiring, our interview process, how we think about¬†career paths for Engineers¬†and the experiences of some of our team members who joined us recently (such as Cody Larocque and John Gaffney). What we haven’t talked about yet, and most companies don’t talk about, is what you should wear when you come onsite to meet our team for an interview.

When it comes to the attire that you wear to meet us – we really don’t mind! But we understand that its challenging for candidates so we wanted to give guidance. We are not in the class of large corporations where¬†cubicles, fluorescent lights, and HR departments dictate the office atmosphere. We think of our dress code here as casual – which is less dressy than traditional business casual attire. We even have special days such as Aloha Friday. Our focus is on the work, so we want our team members to have clothing that is comfortable and practical. Wear whatever makes you feel empowered and ready to deliver your best! For reference, here is the guidance we share with our employees on our internal Wiki:

As a general rule, wear whatever makes you feel energized and ready to contribute to our environment. Mix it up a bit ‚Äì come in a lazy, relaxed outfit one day, and jazz it up the next. We also recognize that weather tends to vary quite a bit around the Plastiq headquarters. So, if Mother Nature didn’t intend for everyone to wear a suit in 100 degree heat, neither do we. Of course, there are days when it makes sense to ‚Äúput on your best show‚Äù.

Finally, if you want some more guidance, just take a look at the many photos on our Engineering Blog Posts! There are plenty of pictures there of our team members and their attire!

P.S. The photos in this Blog Post are taken from one of our fun internal Slack Channels, #whoworeitbest, where we post fun photos of our team mates who (usually by pure coincidence!) come to the office wearing similar attire.

P.P.S.¬†Aloha Friday is a proud and storied tradition here at Plastiq. Each and every Friday, employees proudly wear their boldest and ugliest Hawaiian shirts to welcome the weekend. The sharpest dresser in the San Francisco office has 17 Hawaiian shirts (and counting). You’ll be certain to pick up a few good vibrations if you join us in the office on a Friday!

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