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Plastiq’s Top Tips to Help Optimize Your Cash Flow

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May 24, 2022

Managing cash flow plays a pivotal role in every business’s ability to, frankly put, survive in today’s economy. Today, with the economy on shaky ground, businesses of all sizes are seeing a steady decline in cash flow and this is not only impacting goals but creating an atmosphere where companies are struggling merely to get by. But there’s good news: managing your cash flow, though seemingly complicated, is entirely doable with the application of just a few tips. Even better? Plastiq has put together a free, downloadable eBook containing our Top Tips to Optimize Your Cash Flow. We’ve shared a few down below. 

Every business needs to thoughtfully manage their revenue and expenses so that your business has the funds needed when you need them. Cash flow management involves summarizing, monitoring and analyzing your cash flow state to know how to best maximize the money going in and the money coming out. Doing so consciously and effectively should give you the tools to best understand your current cash reserves, identify past mistakes and future needs and to use this knowledge to best achieve your business goals.

So, what can you do to best manage your cash flow? Here’s a couple of our tips to get you started. If you’d like to read our full eBook, you can find that here.

Tip #3: Focus on more effective resource utilization.

Your Accounts Receivable time is likely spending hours and hours of time on manually completing the many tasks needed to send, track and process invoices when they could be focusing their time and effort on more important matters. Finding ways to better utilize your resources–like automating your AR processes–will not only give that time back to your back office, but cut back on the ever present errors associated with manual data entry.

Tip #6: Improve your reporting.

Seriously, it sounds like basic common sense, but improving the way you report is a crucial step in saving yourself time and effort in the long run. An easy way to do this is to use a payment processing tool–like Plastiq–that automatically syncs with your current financial software to ensure you have not only all of your cash flow information at your disposal, but the specific information you need to best understand the present and future of your business’s financial situation.

These are just two simple tips to help best manage your cash flow. If you’d like to see more, download our free ebook, “Top 10 Tips to Optimize Cash Flow”. 
You can find it right here.

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