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Cash flow business accelerator

Why Cash Flow Should be Your Primary Business Accelerant

When Guidant Financial and the Small Business Trend Alliance surveyed businesses at the end of last.. read more

By Stoyan Kenderov, Chief Product Officer

Plastiq Is A Critical Cash Flow Tool

I’ve been doing a lot of speaking—virtually of course—to industry groups made up of small- and.. read more

By Gene Marks

Send International Payments in Your Supplier’s Local Currency

You may already be familiar with Plastiq’s international payment service, which enables your business to make.. read more

By Jesse Wood

A Money Transfer Service for You

Plastiq is just like a money transfer service for small businesses, but offers so much more… read more

By Amanda Goldman

Expedited Checks Delivery: Fast and Reliable

We’re extremely pleased to announce the expansion of Plastiq’s Accelerated Check Payments offering. Expedited check payments.. read more

By Amanda Goldman

Is Using Plastiq Worth It?

Ever wondered how you can increase your business’ cash flow? Using Plastiq’s new benefit calculator we.. read more

By Amanda Goldman

Pay Virtually Any Business, Anywhere in the World!

(Updated September 3, 2019: EU countries can now be paid as well.) (Updated August 6, 2019: Japan,.. read more

By Jesse Wood

Sending a Check Just Got a Whole Lot Faster

Today, Plastiq is launching expedited check delivery, the newest addition to our Accelerated Payments Suite. This.. read more

By Dan Choi

Tuesday Tip: How to Turn Tax Payments into Opportunities with Plastiq

Many businesses regularly use Plastiq to pay their taxes so that they can take advantage of.. read more

By Angie Donatoni

Send Payments Faster with Wire and ACH Direct Deposit Funding Option

Even in this day of on-demand shopping, making business-to-business payments isn’t easy — especially when trying.. read more

By Derek Lee

Temporary change impacting select personal VISA credit cards

Starting today, customers may notice one of two temporary changes for select personal VISA credit cards.. read more

By Eliot Buchanan

How to Pay Mortgage With Credit Card

Chances are your mortgage is your most costly payment of the month. Odds are budgeting would.. read more

By Angie Donatoni

How to Pay Rent With a Credit Card

Paying your rent with a credit card every month is a convenient option that has several.. read more

By Eliot Buchanan

The Basics of Money Transfer Services

There are times in life when you need money transferred as quickly as possible. In such.. read more

By Eliot Buchanan

Pay Bills & Invoices with a Credit Card

Gone are the days of having to sit down with a stack of bills and write.. read more

By Dan Choi
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