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Update to Successful Plastiq and Mastercard Partnership

SAN FRANCISCO — June 1st, 2018 Plastiq recently integrated the Masterpass digital wallet with the Plastiq bill pay service, allowing Masterpass customers to easily add their credit cards to Plastiq in order to pay virtually any expense via credit card. This means you can use your favorite credit card to pay things like¬†rent, tuition, taxes, utilities ‚Äì no more hassling with checks!

Plastiq promoted this partnership by waiving the Plastiq fee when you use Mastercard in Masterpass for transactions up to $500 each.

Due to the success of the Masterpass promotion, Plastiq will continue to waive the fees on payments submitted or scheduled using Mastercard in Masterpass; however, the fee will now be waived on transactions up to $250 each.

Plastiq has also decided to extend the promotion through September 30th and we look forward to the continued success of this partnership. For more details on the promotion please click here or reach out to us.


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