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Learn About Supported Payment Types by Card Brand on Plastiq

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Mar 19, 2019

One of the most popular questions we receive is, “Which credit card can I use for a specific Plastiq payment?”

While Plastiq customers can pay for virtually anything with their credit card, there are some payment types that card brands (Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Discover, etc.) will not support. That’s why we have created a reference table to help you better understand supported payment types.

Here are a few brief explanations as to why Plastiq cannot support some frequently-requested payment types at this time:

Debt Products

Most card issuers prohibit paying debt with other debt. An example of this is paying one credit card with another credit card.

One notable exception is that you can use Plastiq to pay for your mortgage payments through MasterCard and Discover only.


All card issuers prohibit funding investment accounts with credit cards. Allowing such a transaction would create a backdoor way to have a “margin account”, circumventing existing broker margin loan regulations. Again, paying debt with other debt is prohibited.

Limited American Express Availability

Some of of the most requested payment types that Plastiq members ask us to support involve American Express cards. We currently support payments using American Express for residential rent, taxes, utilities, HOA/condo fees, club memberships, and tuition (except education loan payments). We continue to work with American Express to support more payment types.

Other Payment Types

Although all of the possible payment types are not listed on the reference table, we encourage members to review our Terms of Service to understand what is unsupported altogether.

Our support teams are also a great resource to understand what payment types we allow. The Plastiq support team is available Monday to Friday to assist you, either via live chat on our website or at

We will update you here if we add or remove payment types by card brand. Thank you for being a Plastiq customer!

Click here for the ‘Credit Card Supported Payment Types’ Reference Table

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