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A Money Transfer Service for You

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Aug 20, 2019

Plastiq is just like a money transfer service for small businesses, but offers so much more. Using our cash flow super tool, you can use your credit to pay for things that normally cannot be paid with a credit card. Such as rent, taxes, utilities, vendors, and suppliers.

Plastiq isn’t a lender, nor do we issue credit cards. We simply enable you to unlock your credit and pay more vendors and suppliers with a credit card. You benefit with increased cash flow, more days of cash float, and earn credit card rewards without taking out additional loans or lines of credit.

Plastiq is as easy as 1-2-3. First, you tell us who you want to pay. Then, Plastiq charges your card. Lastly, Plastiq pays on your behalf. It’s that simple. With these three simple steps, Plastiq is the key to unlock your credit to pay for virtually anything.

With Plastiq, your recipients don’t even need to be registered with us in order to receive payments. Once you make the payment, your recipient will receive either of the three payment methods – a check, ACH, or wire transfer. To make payments even easier, Plastiq recently introduced international wires, which allow you to make wired payments to China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and more countries. Learn more about how Plastiq allows you to pay virtually any business, anywhere in the world.

There is an endless amount of possibilities for our savvy customers to use which makes Plastiq a tool that can be utilized by consumers and SMBs alike. We want to empower you to be able to pay for things in a way that is right for you. Swiping and inserting cards is ubiquitous and we give you the option to use that credit for even more things.

In short, Plastiq’s mission is to make bill payments seamless and simple for you or your business because that’s how making payments should be. Each Plastiq account comes with your personalized dashboard which gives you clear insights into your payments through Plastiq. This also includes email notifications when the recipient receives the payment. Giving you the ability to manage your payments in ways that work for you.

Sign up for Plastiq today to increase your cash flow, earn more days of cash flow, and reap credit card rewards!

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