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Do more than manage your cash flow. Predict it.

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Dec 2, 2021

In its 2021 State of Small Business Cash Flow, Intuit Quickbooks reported that 60% of small business owners say cash flow has been a problem, that cash flow problems are one of their top three causes of stress, and that they can spend up to nine hours a week chasing down payments. 

It’s a headache to manage cash flow in a world where 93% of businesses are paid late. There are too many blind spots built into traditional payment collection processes. You know when the invoice went out in the mail, but when did the customer receive it? How quickly does it go through their internal accounting? And even if they paid “on time,” when will the check actually get to you? 

Instead of getting answers, you end up manually searching for overdue accounts, creating reminder invoices and letters, tracking it all on a spreadsheet, and trying to guess when you’ll be able to use the money for your expenses and other opportunities. 

But, what if you could predict your cash flow?  

What if you had full visibility whenever you wanted it? 

What if you never had to manually reach out to a customer to nudge along a payment again?

Plan for success by maximizing your AR efficiency 

Take control of your cash flow and your AR processes with Plastiq Accept. It takes the manual hassle out of requesting money; makes sending, tracking and managing faster and easier; and lets your customers instantly pay online with a credit card.  Plus, you don’t need a merchant account and never pay merchant fees to accept these payments. 

With just one click, upload your client data from your current spreadsheet to Plastiq Accept with bulk customer data import. The system alerts you to any records that have missing fields, duplication, or other issues, so you start with a clean database before you begin.

Next, quickly and easily send digital payment requests, and then let Plastiq do the heavy lifting. We’ll track the request, automatically send reminders when they’re needed, and handle the reporting. 

You have end-to-end visibility into the whole process. You’ll know when the request has been received and, most importantly, when the payment is initiated, processed, and will be moved to your account.  

Transform payment headaches into cash flow you can count on

Plastiq Accept takes the pain out of getting paid, with all the tools you need in one place.  Just send your payment requests and you’re free to get back to business while we keep the process moving. You’re never out of touch, because you can always see exactly how close you are to having the money in hand.

This automated platform lets you minimize the time you spend handling AR while maximizing your results. It lets you go from managing cash flow and worrying when money will come in, to predicting cash flow because you know exactly where the money is.

When customers pay by credit card through Plastiq Accept, they send money instantly, so there are no uncertainties about the check being “in the mail,” and it’s free for you.

Sign up for Plastiq Accept and take cash flow off your list of business worries.

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