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First Timer’s Guide to Amazon Seller Feedback

Obtaining great seller feedback on Amazon can play a vital role in how well your product performs against the competition. But our partners at Feedback Whiz say there’s much more to Amazon seller feedback thank just obtaining the feedback itself.¬† Here are six important things you need to know about Amazon seller feedback.

First, seller feedback is not the same as a product review. Seller feedback focuses on “the quality of the seller” and the transaction itself.  There are five parts to this rating: feedback rating, if item arrived on time, if the item was as described by the seller, if you provided courteous service, and any additional comments.

In order to make sure your business thrives in the area of on-time delivery, for example, it’s important to have all your inventory in stock and shipped out on time. Problems arise when products don’t hit your warehouse in time.

Plastiq is a great solution to help you get products into your warehouse early and often.¬† With international manufacturers and distributors, wiring money and receiving the product can take weeks, which means you’re out cash for weeks or months at a time.¬† This would ordinarily prevent you from placing future orders. But using Plastiq, you can pay virtually any business around the world with your credit card. Which allows you to increase your cash float and receive product shipments more often. In the long run, this helps better your customer’s experience.

On Amazon, as a seller, you can’t incentivize buyers to provide feedback. Amazon is really serious about enforcing this rule and any violation could lead to an account suspension. You can contact customers to ‚Äúcheck everything is okay with the product and gently show them where they can leave feedback if they wish.‚Äù Customers will be more inclined to leave you positive seller feedback if you get products to them in time with the product they expect.

Amazon does keep track of a seller’s negative feedback rate. This is an important metric to measure seller performance. Amazon pays attention to this, as well as customers. Giving your customers a positive experience can mitigate negative feedback and help you stand out over the competition.

What happens if you already received negative feedback?¬† There’s some ways to blunt the impact of this mark on your reputation.¬† Amazon may remove the comments if they include, explicit language, reveals seller identity, ‚Äúrelates to an issue with delivery for products sold through Fulfilled by Amazon‚Äù, or a fault of courier. Sellers are also given an opportunity when someone posts a negative comment to fix the issue and people may feel obliged to delete the comment.

Negative feedback is something that really needs to be understood in order to remain relevant in the marketplace because it can have a large impact on your success with Amazon.

No matter what kind of feedback you receive, with Plastiq, you have a partner in the business to help you grow your e-commerce business.  Find out how Plastiq can helps supercharge your e-commerce business by reaching out to us or signing up for an account today!


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