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An Interview with our Business Customer, Hasan Hasmani

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Dec 10, 2018

To help people better understand more about how Plastiq works and can be best utilized by businesses, we sat down with Hasan for a Q&A session, who has been working with Plastiq for over 6 months.

Graham: What type of business do you own?

Hasan: I run several companies, a Board Game Production company called Underdog Games, a consulting firm specializing in bringing brands to the Amazon marketplace, and run the family business where we import/export goods.

Underdog Games – Trekking the National Parks

G: What is your main reason for using Plastiq?

H: Plastiq has three super valuable benefits for me

  1. Points: Opening a new credit card and meeting the spend by paying suppliers in Plastiq is a perfect scenario for me. I rack up points on several different credit cards and those are worth way more than the Plastiq fee when used correctly.
  2. ¬†Float: If points weren’t enough, I use it as an interest-free loan for almost 2 months! When floating spend right after a credit card statement, you can’t get two months at a rate lower than Plastiq, which is practically 0 after points!
  3.  International Wires: Being able to pay my international wires through Plastiq is fantastic AND has an added bonus Рthe Write-Off: The fees of Plastiq are reduced because you can write it off as a business expense.

G: How did you find out about Plastiq?

H: I found out about Plastiq through very strong referrals from good friends. As a heavy credit card spender, a friend suggested to me to use Plastiq and it seemed like the answer to a lot of potential issues for me in terms of Cash Flow.

G: What benefits have you received from using Plastiq?

H: Cash flow has been the main benefit for me. Being able to grow faster by saving cash flow and the 60-day float.

Underdog Games – Trekking the National Parks

G: Has Plastiq changed your business and business trajectory? If so, how much?

H: Absolutely! I’ve been able to buy 25% more inventory due to cash flow, and we’ve just reached the surface. Applying for new Credit Cards is a whole lot easier than opening new Lines of Credit.

G: Are there any features you would like to see on Plastiq that we currently don’t have or features you would like us to build?

H: None that I can think of, the platform is clean and self-explanatory.

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