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Travel More Without Spending More

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Feb 28, 2020

Regardless of the season, there’s always somewhere in the world worth exploring. However, the desire to travel can come with constraints. Vacation time is in short supply and travel can be expensive, airfares in particular. To overcome some of these hurdles, many credit card companies will reward you with travel points based on your spend with their credit card. Unfortunately, not all recipients accept credit cards. Plastiq removes this obstacle by letting you pay with your credit card for expenses that normally don’t accept credit (e.g. rent).

Plastiq gives you the opportunity to travel more without spending more. The more points you acquire, the more you can reduce expensive, out-of-pocket costs for travel. The more payments you make with your cards on Plastiq, the more points you receive. This provides you with more financial freedom to choose your destination, anywhere around the world.

Get the most out of your points

Once you choose your destination, you may want to research when the off-season is for that locale. Traveling in the shoulder seasons, when demand is lower, can translate into lower prices for flights and lodging.

Using flight aggregators like Kayak, Skyscanner, and Google Flights can help you find the least expensive tickets for your destination. Then, you can book via your provider using your credit card points.

Are you low on points yet still want to travel? You could consider applying early in the year for one of the many travel cards on offer — then use Plastiq to schedule recurring payments for your bills (like rent and mortgage). This will help you build up rewards points on your credit card, which you can then redeem for travel expenses. And especially with bonus offers on new cards, the rewards points earned can surpass the *2.9% Plastiq fee.

Let Plastiq be your financial partner, helping you get the most out of your credit cards to earn more rewards and meet all your travel goals.

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