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Making in-person contactless payments fast, safe, and free for any business

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Nov 4, 2021

During the pandemic, the demand for safe, no-touch, in-person payment methods has skyrocketed, and the popularity of these payment options continues to grow for businesses and consumers.  

Increasingly, small businesses want to use contactless and mobile options for both collecting payments and paying their suppliers.  The Visa Back to Business Study of global small business found that 63% of consumers would switch to a new business that offered contactless payments, making no-touch options critical for any business.  And Juniper Networks has estimated that by next year $218 trillion of payments between businesses will be handled via mobile.

Fortunately for small businesses, retailers, restaurants, professional services firms, logistics and delivery companies, and gig workers, a new generation of QR codes is enabling the safe, convenient payments customers want. They also make it easy to get paid much faster without the headache of trying to collect payment. 

Businesses can simply print out a QR code and put it anywhere that’s convenient for customers to scan – at a reception desk, beside a cash register, on an office wall, or wherever they normally take payment. Customers just scan the QR code with their phone and make a digital payment with their credit or debit card. In fact, 1.5B people around the world used QR codes to pay in 2020, and it’s projected that by 2025 30% of all mobile users will pay using QR codes.

Four advantages of QR codes 

  1. They require no investment.  There’s no need to buy hardware.  QR codes let you offer touch-free payments without a special terminal or any kind of technical integration.
  1. They provide safe no-contact payments. Let your customers pay the way they want to, without handling cash or touching anything other than their phone.  
  1. They can be used anywhere. Print them out and hang them at checkout or on your business or office wall so customers can easily scan them and pay.  Add them to printed invoices, collection letters, shipping labels, delivery documents or any other payment requests.
  1. They provide instant payment collection. There’s no waiting for a check or processing, and no accounting delays. Take immediate payment at your business, in a market stall, in a food truck, in a professional office, on a doorstep, or on the fly wherever you need to handle in-person transactions.

Plastiq Accept makes QR code payments easy, secure, and free

Start taking QR code payments from your customers in just minutes.  Sign up for Plastiq Accept and your customized QR code is automatically created and waiting the first time you log into your dashboard. There’s no need to set up a merchant account or jump through any banking hoops. 

Your custom Plastiq QR code extends payment choice and gives you the ultimate instant collection flexibility. Print it out and display it in your business, include it in invoices and other traditional payment documents, and use it to simplify COD and gig economy payments. 

Plastiq integrates top-of-the-line security measures to protect payments and data, so our QR codes are safe for you and your customers to use. 

Best of all, Plastiq Accept gives you so many ways to accept card payments – no merchant fees or accounts required. 

No fees.

No merchant account.

No investment. 

No technical headaches. 

See how quickly and easily you can start taking contactless payments with Plastiq.

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