SAN FRANCISCO, CA - June 17, 2021

Plastiq Supports Recipients of Visa’s She’s Next Grant Program to Help Small Businesses Succeed and Champion Financial Inclusion


Plastiq, an intelligent payments platform, is collaborating with Visa, the world leader in digital payments, for its She’s Next Grant Program, which will award $10,000 to 60 Black women-owned businesses in six key cities across the U.S. The program highlights both companies’ commitment to removing the disproportionate barriers faced by Black women business founders. For grant recipients, Plastiq provides the freedom of paying virtually any supplier with a credit card, even when cards are not accepted.

“The pandemic has led to numerous setbacks and challenges for small businesses, but Black women entrepreneurs have been among the hardest hit – particularly for new and growing businesses, where cash flow can be unpredictable and hold founders back from reaching their goals,” said Sameer Gulati, President and COO at Plastiq. “We’re proud to continue our work with Visa, especially on their She’s Next Grant Program to enable entrepreneurs to pay and accept payments in the most intelligent way, while preserving their cash, and syncing payments with their accounting workflows automatically.”

The ability to pay or get paid by credit card allows businesses to increase working capital, scale rapidly, and be more agile. Plastiq has already powered billions in payments for 1.5 million individuals and businesses. In joining forces with Visa for the She’s Next Grant Program, Plastiq continues its mission of elevating small businesses during challenging times.

“Our She’s Next Grant Program aims to make a meaningful difference, quickly, for the communities and their business owners who need it most,” said Gloria Colgan, global head of card products and platforms, Visa Business Solutions. “Through our work with Plastiq, today’s most ambitious Black, female entrepreneurs can take advantage of modern, powerful technology for managing and growing their small business,” she added.

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Plastiq is an intelligent payment platform designed for businesses to better manage their payments and cash flow. The platform lets companies maximize their existing credit, pay and get paid in whatever way is best for their business — regardless of what payment methods their recipients accept. Businesses can pay globally in more than 40 countries, and it works with all major credit card providers, including Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. Plastiq has more than 1.5 million clients and has processed billions for a wide range of expenses, from business supplier payments and contractors to taxes and rent. Plastiq has won a number of awards and recognitions, including being named to the 2020 Forbes FinTech 50 and Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas 2021. Learn more at