Pay wire transfers by credit card.

Boost cash flow

Plastiq lets you pay any supplier by credit card even if they don't accept. Suppliers receive payment by wire, ACH deposit, or even a paper check. Fund inventory, freight, and advertising now, pay off up to 105 days later.



Pay by

Credit Card


Free Bank Transfer
Free Paper Check Delivery
$5 Wire Transfer in the U.S.
$39 for International wire

Pay by

Bank Account


Free Bank Transfer
Free Paper Check Delivery
$5 Wire Transfer in the U.S.
$39 for International wire

Card fees can be offset by card rewards, rebates, and tax deductions.

Pay overseas vendors in more than 45 countries. Next-day disbursement ensures great supplier relationships.

Pay vendors by credit card even when suppliers don’t accept them—Plastiq will send a wire transfer, paper check, or bank transfer on your behalf.

Paying by credit card helps preserve your cash on hand while you rack up
card rewards

No signup fees or hidden fees


With Plastiq, I'm able to extend the time I need to pay a bill up to 105 days.

Sam Garvin, CEO
Garvin Promo Group Scottsdale AZ

Pay by card regardless of
acceptance. Here’s how:


Add your vendor details

You can pay vendors in 45+ countries around the world.

Pay on Plastiq with a Visa

Add your payment method

Add your favorite credit card or securely connect your bank account in Plastiq


Select delivery options

Enter payment amount, schedule the payment, we’ll handle the rest.

Easy, next day wire transfer payments in over 45 countries in 22 currencies.

More time to pay icon

Faster Payments

With no middle man, we can pay as fast as same-day.*


Better Exchange Rates

We offer great rates you can see before you send.

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Lower Fees

Intermediary bank fees are a thing of the past.

Customer success

With Plastiq, I don’t have to pay my January Facebook advertising bill until April, freeing up cash flow and making my business run smoother.

Jason Rappaport,
Universal Standard

I run a construction and real estate business. Plastiq helps balance my cash flow and pay bills on time when I don't have cash on hand. Previously, I would tell vendors, sorry I can't pay you for 3 weeks. Now I can pay them early which makes for better vendor relationships.

Stuart Fox,
Fox Financial

"As Obvi grew from $5 to $20 Million in revenue we relied on Plastiq to fuel our growth by giving us that extra window to increase revenue before large inventory, freight, and advertising expenses had to be paid."

Ronak Shah, Founder & CEO, Obvi

When a vendor doesn’t accept credit cards, we negotiate a
45-day ACH payment term.
My cards are in a 60-day repayment cycle, so effectively, I can extend the time a bill comes due up to 105 days with Plastiq.

Sam Garvin, CEO,
Garvin Promotion Group

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