Pay suppliers with your SVB card,

Even if they don’t accept cards.

Join thousands who use Plastiq to pay for everything from utilities and commercial leases, to contractors and suppliers by using a Silicon Valley Bank card—even if credit cards aren’t accepted.

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Silicon Valley Bank Card
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Use your card to
pay for virtually


Office Lease

Office lease

Office Lease

Raw materials

Office Lease

Logistics & Shipping



Technology Services



cash flow

Free up cash flow for your business when you use your Ramp card to pay expenses.

Earn more

Earn card rewards on payments to suppliers that don't accept cards.

Time -

Order products and services that require immediate payment.

Early pay

Capture early-pay discounts from suppliers while earning card rewards.

Here's how it all works.

Enter the vendor and amount

In the Plastiq application, enter the vendor information and payment details

Plastiq charges your card

Schedule or make a payment and we’ll charge your svb card for the payment amount, plus a 2.85% Plastiq fee.

Mastercard on Plastiq
Pay with Plastiq step 1

Vendor receives payment

We pay them for you in the way they prefer, by check, wire or ACH, and everyone's happy.

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