Small business loans are hard to get. Preserve cash with Plastiq.

Unlock an existing line of credit using the credit cards you’ve already got. Your suppliers get paid exactly the way they want while you extend the time to pay your bills up to 105 days. It’s the easy alternative to business financing.

Pay with Plastiq

Pay suppliers any way you want.
They’ll receive payment how they prefer.

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Keep cash on hand

Improve cash flow when you pay by card.

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More time to pay

Use your credit card to extend your time to repay bills up to 105 days.

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Faster payments

Keep your biggest suppliers happy by paying them faster.

Pay by card regardless of acceptance. Here’s how:

Choose who to pay

Select a business that’s already in our system or add your own. Virtually any business can be paid through Plastiq, even if they don’t accept cards.

Add your favorite card

Pick a card, any card, and add it to your Plastiq account. Save as many cards as you want and have complete control over when and how you use them.

Pay on Plastiq with a Visa

Set it and forget it

Enter the amount, set a schedule, and we’ll work our magic. Rest assured: payments are guaranteed to arrive on time in the form of a check or bank transfer. Your recipient doesn’t even need a Plastiq account.

Plastiq Pricing

Remember, the card fee is offset by card rewards and early pay discounts, and fees can be tax deductible.

Pay by

Credit Card


Free Bank Transfer
Free Paper Check Delivery
$5 Wire Transfer in the U.S.
$39 for International wire

Pay by

Bank Account


Free Bank Transfer
Free Paper Check Delivery
$5 Wire Transfer in the U.S.
$39 for International wire

Card fees can be offset by card rewards, rebates, and tax deductions.

Pay overseas vendors in more than 45 countries. Next day disbursement ensures great supplier relationships.

Pay vendors by credit card even when suppliers don’t accept them—Plastiq will send a wire transfer, paper check, or bank transfer on your behalf.

Paying by credit card helps preserve your cash on hand while you rack up
card rewards

No signup fees or hidden fees


I can extend the time a bill is due up to 105 days with Plastiq. Plus, the 2.9% Plastiq fee is tax deductible so I come out ahead in a strong cash flow position.

Sam Garvin, CEO
Garvin Promo Group, Scottsdale, AZ

2020 Fintech 50

Innovations in Technology

Most Innovative Product of the Year: SMB (Silver)

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