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Small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy, of our communities, of our lives, and we’re here to help you navigate the uncharted territory we’re all experiencing due to the spread of COVID-19. We are committed to providing helpful resources for small business leaders. We hope the information we continually provide will help you get ideas, share advice, and gather the support you can use during this most challenging of times.
Eliot Buchanan
Plastiq Co-Founder & CEO

The Next 90 Days:
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Helpful Articles & Information

Plastiq is a small business too, and we’ve found these articles and this information from reliable sources helpful. Please check back here, as we’ll be posting relevant articles as we discover them.

Plastiq Resources

It’s our mission to help small businesses optimize their cash flow — in times of growth, or when there’s a crisis. We’ve designed a smart and secure payment solution to help you preserve cash on hand to address new opportunities, or weather a storm.

With Plastiq, You Can:

  • Pay for virtually any business expense with a credit card, even where cards aren’t normally accepted, like your payroll, leases, taxes, supply-chain, and more
  • Extend the credit you’ve already earned
  • Leverage business relationships to get rewards and discounts

Plastiq has teamed up with Opportunity Fund, a leading provider of life-changing loans to underserved small business owners. Opportunity Fund encourages small business owners to use Plastiq to bridge the gap between current bill due dates and the disbursement of loan and stimulus funds. Visit their website for more information.

Additional Resources

In response to the pandemic, the U.S. government has promised to make it easier to get SBA loans. We encourage you to explore the options available to you:

  • Start here with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce: Coronavirus Small Business Guide
  • Get access to more working capital through our partner Behalf. Behalf pays your merchants on day 1, and allows you to pay over time, with no fee net terms and up to 180 days financing
  • When your credit card bill is due, use the interest-free period on your credit card to pay suppliers buying you 30+ days of extra breathing room around your expenses. You can use Plastiq if the suppliers don’t accept cards.
  • Use a Behalf purchasing line for access to more working capital when paying these suppliers
  • Explore invoice financing and lending options through sites like Fundera
  • Check out the Small Business Grants Program from Facebook for Business

Our Blog

We’re working hard to provide reliable information to help you stay a step ahead in this crisis. Please bookmark our blog, check back often, and share ideas that will be useful to other small business owners in our community.


    • The Independent Restaurant Coalition is working to save local restaurants affected by COVID-19 by advocating for important changes to the CARES Act. You can also support all local restaurants by co-signing this Letter to Congress.
    • Save Our Faves is a gift card purchasing service working to flatten the curve of lost income from COVID-19.
    • Open We Stand is providing SMBs with the tools, resources, inspiration, and community they need to pull through the COVID-19 crisis. Download the #openwestand tool kit to share their graphics on your website and social media.