Pay suppliers straight from your bank account without bank-like limits

Plastiq’s free ACH transfers mean quicker payments, increased cash flow, and best of all: zero cost for your business.

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Pay all your business expenses large and small with Plastiq.

Don’t let banks handcuff your cash

No matter how much money you have, many banks
and other payment services place limits on daily ACH
payments. Luckily, Plastiq doesn’t.

Never write another check

70% of businesses still write checks which can get lost or delay delivery of goods or services. When you pay with Plastiq, you can track payments from start to finish while saving time.

How does it work?


Connect your bank account in Plastiq. It’s safe, secure, and done in just a few minutes.

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Tell us who to pay and select your vendor's preferred payment method.

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We debit your account and pay your recipient by ACH, wire or check.

Customer Story

Challenge: “I had a product that was selling fast. I needed to pay a vendor $250k by the next day or I was going to miss out on that inventory allotment. My bank limits bank transfers to $100k and wire transfer payments to $50k daily”.

Solution: “Plastiq helped me access money from my bank account to make the payment on time and lock in the order. The result was a record breaking sales month”.

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