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Sell now.
Pay later.

Plastiq Pay lets you profit before you pay with 60-90 days of cash float and card rewards on vendor payments.


The Benefits of Plastiq Pay

Pay any vendor by credit card even where they aren't accepted.

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Profit first, pay later.

Sell your product before you pay for it to achieve an amazing Cash Conversion Cycle.

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Better than a bank loan.

2.9% credit card fees for a 60-90 day cycle offer an effective cost of capital way lower than an SMB loan.

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Credit card payment perks.

Cash back, rewards, credit card protection–benefits for you and your business.

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Fast, flexible, global payments.

Use credit cards or short-term financing for worldwide ACH and wire payment delivery.


Take their word for it.

Short-Term Financing

The work-around to working capital.

Growing businesses require more capital. Plastiq offers instant access to flexible spending power.

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Financing without strings.

Low-hassle, high-limit, bank-free business loans.

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Repay your way.

Flexible terms to pay back loans via your credit card or bank account.

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Trust the transparency.

No hidden fees, no collateral–just industry-best rates.

Expand your line of credit with Plastiq's card partners

Get access to more working capital to fund your business growth. Discover cards with lower rates, extended payoff times, and more rewards.

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The Mobile App

Your back office in your front pocket.

In the office or on-the-go, stay in control of your business payments. Sign-up for Plastiq today for access to the mobile app.

  • 360°, on-the-go, payment visibility

  • Real-time cash and credit balances

  • Start-to-finish payment tracking

What our clients are saying

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"I run a construction and real estate business where I'm buying and restoring older homes to flip. Plastiq helps me balance my cash flow."

Stuart Fox, CEO

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Growth starts today.