The way to seamlessly speed up payments is now
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With Plastiq Accept Checkout SDK, you can add online payments acceptance to your site in no time, and at no cost to you. Sound impossible? Keep reading.

Plastiq Accept Checkout SDK is the secure, fast, seamless online payments answer for businesses. Embed it directly into your website to boost sales, get paid more quickly, and make customers happier—all with zero cost for your business.
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With the Checkout SDK, we embedded [it] right in our checkout flow to start accepting cards. We get paid sooner and customers love it.

Ankit Gupta, CFO Nandansons

Nandansons portrait 1

Ankit Gupta, CFO Nandansons


One line of code.
One way to get
paid faster.

Stop the time-consuming process of invoicing and collecting checks and offer a better experience for your customers.

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Honestly, you made a great choice. You’ll love Plastiq Accept Checkout SDK.