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Say yes to credit cards.
Say no to credit card fees.

Introducing Plastiq Accept—the smartest way
to accept credit cards with zero fees for you.

If you don’t already accept credit cards, Plastiq Accept lets your customers pay with a card without any fees for you.

Watch and learn how simple it is to get started with Plastiq Accept.

They pay with a card.
You get paid in a flash.

Sign up for Plastiq Accept in just a few minutes, for free.

Let customers use their credit card—they pay the fee, not you.

Get paid faster, have happier customers and more secure transactions.

Focus on business instead of focusing on how to get paid.

With Plastiq Accept you can:
  • Let your customers pay the way they want
  • Keep your hard-earned margins—no fees
  • Send custom invoices and track payment requests
  • Have money deposited faster and more securely
With Plastiq Accept your customers can:
  • Use their credit cards
  • Hold on to their cash reserves
  • Enjoy any early-pay discounts
  • Maximize rewards and rebates

Why Plastiq?

  • More than 1 million businesses have
    put their trust in us since 2012
  • Billions of dollars in payments made
  • The latest security technology and
    compliance in the payment industry
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