Ditch the
merchant fees.

Try a new tacti

Plastiq Accept: accept more types of payments—including credit cards—without any fees or integration for you.

Get paid with Plastiq

Getting paid is so simple
(and fast).

Get paid with Plastiq step 1

Sign up for Plastiq Accept

You receive a customized payment link to send to customers.

Customers click your link

They have the choice of paying via credit/debit card or electronically from their bank.

Get paid with Plastiq step 2
Get paid with Plastiq step 3

Plastiq is 100% free to you*

You get paid faster at no charge to your business. Your customers pay a small transaction fee.


Who doesn’t want 

to get paid faster?

Plastiq laptop screenshot
Security icon

Faster and

more secure

You’ll never have to deal with depositing checks again.

No merchant fees icon

Say goodbye to

merchant fees

Seriously, there 
are no fees for your business at all.

guest checkout icon


love it

Guest checkout and more payment choices makes them happy.

Invoice icon

It’s all 


No more switching sites. All your customer payments are in one place.

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