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See how Payground uses Plastiq’s APIs to take the pain out of medical
bill payments.

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Trying to cure medical billing.

PayGround is a pioneering mobile and desktop app that gives patients greater payment flexibility for their health care bills. Drew Mercer launched PayGround in response to his frustrations with paying medical bills during two life events, testicular cancer and the birth of his third child. Now, he has partnered with Plastiq to solve a struggle that is all too real for too many patients—paying medical bills effortlessly so they can focus on better things, like their health and their families.

Diagnosing patient-unfriendly payments

Drew’s situation was not uncommon—he was facing 21 healthcare bills that all had to be paid using different payment portals & methods. Some providers required Automated Clearing House (ACH) payment issued from a portal, others required checks to be mailed, and some even more beyond that. With paper statements, patients would receive their invoices and reminders well after they had sent a check or paid it at the bank. This created a nightmare for patients trying to pay on time, not to mention trying to reconcile accounts. For electronic payments, there was simply too much friction and login confusion.

True Payment Flexibility.

Now that PayGround has embedded Plastiq’s payment capabilities into their app, patients have the ability to pay any of their providers using any type of payment method, including ACH from their bank accounts, credit cards, debit cards, and HSA or FSA accounts/cards. Once the patient enters their info, Plastiq sends payment to the healthcare provider the way they prefer - paper check or ACH deposit.


Plastiq’s APIs enabled us to seamlessly integrate our mobile app and payments capabilities. From day one, we received a ton of support from team Plastiq, helping with engagement and fueling the project.

Adam Younger, COO at PayGround

PayGround & Plastiq: Putting Patients first.

Plastiq has helped PayGround deliver on what their patients said they wanted most: “More ways to pay.” Resolving payment challenges reduces a significant amount of frustration that patients face during already difficult times and helps them save time where it’s needed most.

“Plastiq has delivered where we needed it, and even went above and beyond through their exceptional customer service, especially when dealing with technical aspects.” Said COO Adam Younger, “Being able to help patients pay their medical bills without unnecessary burdens and stress means a lot to Drew and the PayGround family, and Plastiq has given us this capability through a completely frictionless and flexible payment platform.”

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