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Archer Roose

International payments and highly seasonal products means a big strain on cash flow. Enter Plastiq.

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Wine. In a can.

When most people think wine, they picture it in a bottle. What most people don’t know is that you pay more for shipping and packaging than the actual wine inside the bottle. Archer Roose Wines recognized that modern consumers just want to enjoy a glass of wine, regardless of the package it comes in. They combined this insight with their deep commitment to sustainability to produce wines from the most celebrated regions in the world and bring them to consumers in eco-friendly, canned form.

And how does a global wine brand manage to pay their suppliers around the world? Well, with Plastiq of course.

Growing the grapes.

Marian Leitner, the co-founder and CEO of Archer Roose, started the company with her husband in 2013. The difficulties of dealing with paying international suppliers has created stress from the very start. “Because it’s a highly regulated industry, it took us a long time to set up our supply chain and really prove out the model. We ended up actually launching in our first test market in January of 2016.”

More choice means more flexibility.

Like most businesses, seasonality shifts require different financial needs. Plastiq lets Archer Roose access their available credit and take advantage of buying opportunities.

“We have natural periods where we’re building up our inventory versus drawing it down. That’s when having the extra flexibility Plastiq offers makes a ton of sense.”


Five countries. Lots of payments.

Though Archer Roose’s wine production has expanded to five countries, they aren’t a private label winery–all of their wine is made by their winemakers. This means a lot of global payments for Leitner. “We have a lot of international vendors and the Plastiq global payment option lets us pay them at a reasonably competitive price.”


Cash is so important to fast, high growth companies. With our operations scaling so quickly, cash flow was a big concern. We’ve really leveraged Plastiq to help extend our payment terms.

Marian Leitner, CEO
Archer Roose

Archer Roose and Plastiq. A great pairing.

As the company continues to grow, Marian still sees Plastiq as a valuable tool to manage their cash. “We have natural periods of time or like we're building up our inventory versus drawing it down. That's when having that extra flexibility through Plastiq makes a ton of sense.”

We’ll toast to that.

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