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An Interview with Ariana – Founder of POINTCHASER

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Oct 17, 2018

Q&A with Ariana Arghandewal

1. How did you find out about Plastiq?

I heard about Plastiq through the travel hacking community grapevine. When word got out that there was a way to pay some of your biggest expenses (i.e. housing) via credit card, people were very excited. As a blogger, I was happy to share this with my readers and accrue some referral credits to off-set my fees. It’s getting more and more difficult for people to meet spending requirements via gift card reselling, so Plastiq is a welcome alternative.

2. How do you think Plastiq aligns with the content of your blog and helps you to drive traffic to your blog?

Plastiq is a great fit for my blog because it enables my readers to earn miles on expenses they would not otherwise be able to pay with credit cards. Before Plastiq, I constantly got asked, “How can I earn miles on my mortgage/rent payments?” and there weren’t many great options. The *2.85% fee isn’t great, but my readers and I appreciate that there are ways to off-set that. The referral program is awesome and so are some of the discounted fee promotions.

3. How often do you post on your blog?

In the past, I’ve made an attempt to write at least three times a week. I’ve been in hibernation¬†(i.e. vacation) the past month, but I’m picking things up and plan on posting at least three times a week again.

4.¬†What interests you about Plastiq and what do you like about Plastiq’s Affiliate Influencer program?

What interests me about Plastiq is that it enables me to pay any bill with a credit card and thus accrue lots of rewards. I recently paid a $14,000+ invoice for my business by using Plastiq. I had a $15,000 spending requirement to meet on my American Express Platinum Card and since Amex has been clawing back sign-up bonuses met through gift card reselling, I knew I had to find another way to spend $14,000. Plastiq made it easy and took a huge burden off my shoulders.

5. What benefits have you received from your partnership with Plastiq?

Thanks to my partnership with Plastiq¬†(and my readers’ support), I’ve been able to make lots of large payments fee-free. More importantly, I’ve been able to get valuable insight about what type of content readers are interested in as well as ways my readers can benefit from using Plastiq.

6. Why do you continue working with Plastiq?

Plastiq is a great tool for the travel hacking community, especially now that so many other mile-earning avenues are closing. The staff at Plastiq has been helpful in helping me come up with content my users find helpful and keeping me up to date on the latest promotions.

7. How does Plastiq compare to other brands you work with?

Plastiq is in a league of its own, really. I promote a lot of other brands that I never hear from, other than a mass email or newsletter. The Plastiq team really likes to engage with their Influencers, which is always appreciated.

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