Use Your Credit & Debit Cards to Make CRA Tax Payments Use Your Credit & Debit Cards to Make CRA Tax Payments Use Your Credit & Debit Cards to Make CRA Tax Payments

Earn Rewards For Using Your Credit Card This Tax Season.

Use your credit card of choice to make T1, T2, Payroll, GST & HST tax payments online through Plastiq.

  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Visa

With Plastiq You Can Pay for All Types of Taxes

  • T1 Individual Taxes

    Income tax and benefit return, used in Canada by individuals to file their personal income tax return.

  • T2 Corporation Taxes

    Corporation income tax return, used by all corporations other than registered charities.

  • GST/HST (sales) taxes

    Taxes which apply to the supply of most property and services in Canada.

  • Payroll Taxes

    Taxes paid by employers based on their employees' wages.

  • Excise Tax

    Taxes that are imposed on certain petroleum products, heavy automobiles and air conditioners designed for automobiles.

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With PCI DSS compliance, 256-bit SSL encryption, and 24/7 member support, Plastiq makes sure your life’s important payments are always protected.

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