• Accept Credit Cards with Plastiq

    Let them pay the way they want. Offer the option of credit card payment through Plastiq.

    Your customers will enjoy convenience, rewards and control with this payment option.

    Plastiq brings merchants...

  • Tuition

    Tuition through Plastiq!

    Give your students more payment options. Plastiq makes payments for tuition, school fees and other items simple, secure and convenient.

    Absolutely free credit card processing Immediate payment-tracking data Reporting tools that integrate with your existing systems Marketing support tools to communicate with your students
  • Cars

    Cars through Plastiq!

    From down payments to full purchases, vehicle purchases through Plastiq are occurring on showroom floors because of the flexibility & rewards credit cards provide.

    Quicker and easier purchase decision making Additional enticements of credit card rewards Reporting integration with your back-office systems A simplified payment process for everyone
  • Donations

    Donations. Please.

    There is no smarter way to accept donations than through Plastiq. The entire contribution goes directly to your charity, and nothing goes to "processing."

    100% of the charitable donation in your bank account. More transparency with those who donate. Easy integration with your website. Stored payment data for reaching out to past contributors.
  • Taxes

    Tax Payments. Easy.

    Plastiq makes tax payments convenient, flexible and secure. We build custom tax payment processes that meet the needs of any government.

    Easier and quicker collections A familiar online payment process Robust reporting and integration with accounting systems Payment tracking and consolidated daily reporting
  • Boats

    Boat Dreams. Realities.

    Plastiq provides a new payment option that brings your prospects a step closer to realizing their dreams.

    Lower the barrier of entry for ownership Provide a new option to those with unlimited credit Use multiple cards for a single payment Target marketing opportunities with detailed payment history
  • Real Estate

    Rent. Made Simple.

    Plastiq has become the perfect solution for real estate companies. Weʼve made making recurring monthly payments convenient for everyone.

    No check writing or handling Easy-to-use payment scheduling tools Track payment histories for later reference Tenants can make payments from any internet-enabled device
  • Art

    Art through Plastiq

    Sophisticated clients prefer a sophisticated payment tool. Your walls look better with Plastiq!

    Immediate payment with no value reduction on your art. A great option for clients to earn on credit card reward programs. Secure, insured, reliable payment option for you & your clients. Detailed payment history enables targeted marketing opportunities.
  • And more!

    Enlighten Credit

    Consumers are looking for new ways to strategically use the power of their credit cards. Contact us to give your customers the convenience, flexibility, security and rewards of making credit card payments through Plastiq.

    Plastiq is perfect for:
    Large ticket, low return items or services, Preferred immediate transaction situations, Maintaining historical transaction information, Integrating with websites & accounting software is needed.

Want to learn more? Let us know. A merchant specialist will contact you.


* With Plastiq You're *

The Merchant Site provides quick access to all transaction information and keeps you informed about the most important aspects of your account.

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Managing and creating new custom payments can be done quickly and easily from the Merchant Site without coding or complex employee training.

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Plastiq allows your customers to schedule future and recurring payments. You can view when payments are scheduled, by whom and for what day, giving you a window into future revenue.

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Plastiq lets you accept credit cards at no cost. Period. There are no monthly minimums, setup is easy, and the system was designed for ease of integration into existing platforms. Call us, and you can be accepting credit cards in days.

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* Perks *


Improved Cashflow

Plastiq provides merchants with the opportunity to give their customers the choice to pay with their preferred credit card. Accepting credit card payments makes cash management easier and more efficient. Additionally, it allows your customers to schedule future payments and automate recurring ones, providing you with a window into future payment and revenue.


Reduced Paperwork

Plastiq recognizes that your time is important, and adding another element that requires more of your time would take you further away from what you want to do every day. Our intuitive and powerful merchant tools are easy to learn, easy to integrate with your existing systems and were designed to provide you with the information you need to run your business more effectively and efficiently.


Choice for Customers

People love to have choices. And we know that many enjoy using the power of their credit strategically to earn rewards. Allowing your customers to use their preferred credit cards makes accounting easier for you and for them while giving them the convenience and flexibility that they want. This provides a better buying experience that keeps customers coming back.


Seamless Integration

Plastiq was designed to work with existing websites and accounting systems. Our API (direct data connector) further facilitates data integration. Even our PAY NOW button can be integrated into your website or delivered via email to provide you with a seamless way to solicit payment. We recognize that it is essential for you to have the ability to track, manage, store and access transaction records when you want as well, so we have made our Merchant Site accessible at any time, from any internet-enabled device.


Loyalty Opportunities

Credit card transaction data is a gateway to valuable information about your customersʼ spending tendencies and behaviors. This knowledge can help you develop more effective marketing programs to attract new customers while better retaining existing ones. Our Merchant Site provides instant access to payment data as it occurs.


No Costs. Period.

We offer merchants a no-cost solution to accepting credit cards. Period. No hidden fees. No complex contracts. No monthly minimums. We have designed our systems to be easy to integrate, easy to train and easy to use. Contact us, and we can get your business accepting credit cards in days.


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