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If you're paying or getting paid, it's a whole lot faster, easier and better when it's all in one place.

Bank limits?
Who wants bank limits?

Send payments for free, straight from your bank account, without bank-like limits.

More flexibility

More flexibility for you.

For those times when you don’t want to put a bill on your credit card, Plastiq still has all the bases covered. It’s fast, secure, and perfect for any business. Oh, did we mention free?

Free bank transfers

Bank transfers are free. Really.

No fees. No cost. Nothing hidden. Try it and see for yourself. Just tell us who to pay and the money is securely transferred from your bank account. It’s so simple.

Free bank transfers
I was able to send a high volume bank transfer and pay an important vendor on time.
Free bank transfers
Josh Piotrkovski

Time to start paying for free.

Now, overseas
doesn't mean overpriced.

Save money when you pay in 40+ countries and 20+ foreign currencies with some of the best exchange rates anywhere.

Save money globally

Pick a country. Save some money.

With some of the most competitive exchange rates, you’ll get a great deal when sending money abroad to more than 40+ countries in 20+ currencies.

zero effort tracking

No bank-like limits.

Plastiq’s global payments let you avoid bank limitations and send large amounts, guaranteed to arrive as fast as next day.

See how things add up

We source the most competitive currency exchange rates and we have no hidden fees.

  • 1.2010

    Guaranteed market rate

  • 2.85%

    Fee applied to credit card payments

See how we stack up

No daily limits
Pay by credit card
Competitive rates
Built for business
No daily limits
Pay by credit card
Competitive rates
Built for business
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No daily limits
Pay by credit card
Competitive rates
Built for business
No daily limits
Pay by credit card
Competitive rates
Built for business
No daily limits
Pay by credit card
Competitive rates
Built for business
Eugenio Labadie
We would not have been able to pay our overseas vendors without Plastiq.
Eugenio Labadie
Eugenio Labadie
CEO, Ten Thousand

Pick a country.
Let's pay somebody.

Spend time on business,
not accounting.

Sync your accounting software to Plastiq for faster and more accurate billing and reconciliation.

Account for faster accounting.

Pair QuickBooks Online with Plastiq and automatically sync payments, bills and vendors instantly. Auto-generate payment drafts, make 1-click payments, save time.

More coming soon

We’re adding the ability to sync with more types of accounting software all the time. Check here often for updates.

Accounting Sync
Integration with Quickbooks was quick - everything is easier and faster.
Accounting Sync
Robert Clifford
Founder, 2535 Properties, Llc

You can sync in seconds now.

Approval workflow speeds up your payables.

Save time when you add your team to payment approvals.

Permissions granted.

Delegate payment approvals with individual permissions for any employee—or even your accountant. Finally, it’s not all on you to do.

Notification when needed.

For larger bills that you want to personally review, Plastiq sends you instant updates via email. Just approve with a click and we’ll pay them.

When I can give employees access... it's all about saving time for me.
Akhil Gupta
Founder, Western Fashion

Who do you want helping you?

Lots of payments.
One view.

Whether you're making payments, getting paid, or both, you can get faster updates from just one place.

Stop switching. Start working.

Credit card sites, bank sites, wire transfer companies—stop switching between browser windows to see your payments. They’re all here.

Zero-effort tracking.

No more time spent hunting down a payment status. With one click, Plastiq shows you exactly which step you’re at in the process.

I had access to credit cards and with Plastiq, this is how I could fund this business.
Grace Stone
Peach Bum Fitness

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With Plastiq Fee-Free Dollars (FFDs), you can eliminate or reduce fees on any Plastiq payment you make.

The Bank of FFDs.

Look for special opportunities throughout the year to bank FFDs just for making payments through Plastiq. They add up fast.

Save whenever you want.

Have a bunch of FFDs in your account? Use as many as you want, whenever you want. Poof—fees gone just like that.

See how many FFDs you have.