Your Customers Can Now Pay You By Card

No cost. No effort. No risk to you.

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How It Happens

It’s quite simple. That’s the point.

  1. How it Happens: Laptop

    Your customers go to, where they can pay anyone using their credit or debit card. They are charged a fee between 0-2.49% to use the service.

  2. How it Happens: Check

    Plastiq takes their payment and sends it to you in the form of a checkcheque.

  3. How it Happens: Cards

    In the time it took you to read this, you may have already been paid by card. And you didnt have to do a thing. That’s Plastiq.

Tell Your Customers You Now Take Cards

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Optimize your use of Plastiq

Plastiq has built business tools that get you closer to your payments.

  •  Immediate Payment Tracking Data
  •  Reporting Integration System
  •  Hassle-Free Integration with Your Website
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