Bill Payment Gets Even Better with New Investment


At Plastiq we have a singular vision to make it easy to pay for virtually any expense with your credit card. Since we started this business, we’ve had over a million customers use Plastiq to pay for everything from rent and tuition to taxes and Teslas. What started mainly as a service for savvy consumers has now been discovered by businesses. Thousands of businesses have paid for everything from inventory to commercial leases and even employees using their favorite credit card on Plastiq — so now they too can earn rewards, tap early pay discounts and increase their cash on hand. We are thankful for your support of our service.

That’s why I’m excited to announce that Plastiq has raised $27 million in additional financing from Atlas VentureKhosla Ventures, and Top Tier Capital Partners. We plan to use these funds to make bill payment for businesses even more seamless. As one of our customers, Aaron Biner of Premier Boutique, tells us, “We used to just write checks. With Plastiq, all of our business expenses can be paid by card which allows us to better manage cash flow and earn even more card rewards.” Whether you’re a consumer or a business, I’m delighted to see that Plastiq is truly helping fund your most important payments—the ones you need to grow, compete, and win.

Welcome your insight and feedback as we work to improve our product and service — bill pay with benefits. Please feel free to reply below with any thoughts or questions. Thanks again for your support!

Eliot Buchanan, CEO

P.S. To read the full press release, please click here.

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