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Plastiq Promotion Codes and Referral Codes

Looking for Plastiq promotion codes? Just click here sign up for a free Plastiq account and you will be notified by email for any new promotions, such as a reduced Plastiq fee on certain payments or amounts.

Give & Get Fee-Free Payments

Once you have a Plastiq account you can begin earning reduced-fee or fee-free payments on Plastiq. With the Plastiq Referral Program you can give and get fee-free payments on Plastiq by way of Fee-Free Dollars (FFDs).

Here’s how it works:

When you click Refer Friends, Pay Less Fees you will be able to copy your personal referral code. Your referral code will be a six digit number. For example, if your code is 464394, then your referral link is

When someone uses your referral code at signup, you earn 1,000 FFDs when they make payments totaling $500. Also, they receive 500 FFDs for having made $500 in payments.

How Do Fee-Free Dollar (FFDs) Work?

FFDs can be used on any payment. Just apply them when submitting a payment.

If you have 1,000 FFDs, that means that $1,000 in payments on Plastiq can be made without the Plastiq fee.

How many FFDs can you earn? It’s unlimited.¬†We’ve even had a Plastiq client pay off a house use their FFDs.


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