Amazon Sellers Meetup Jared Orkin

E-Commerce Sellers Gain Industry Insights From Amazon Guru at Plastiq Event


Reearch, testing, and teamwork were three of the most important discussion points of the evening, as Amazon Guru Jared Orkin spoke to a packed room of e-commerce sellers last Thursday.

Plastiq hosted over 50 members of the Amazon Sellers Bay Area Meetup Group at our San Francisco office, along with our e-commerce service partners: FeedbackWhiz, OFX, PickFu, and Startpad. Jared Orkin, an Amazon seller expert, shared many insider tips with attendees, who ranged from new sellers to long-time successful e-commerce business owners.

Research was highlighted as one task that every Amazon seller needs to pay attention too. Orkin highlighted that sellers need to look for opportunities to strategically bid for sponsored products and ads within the Amazon ecosystem. He also mentioned that sellers also should pay attention to what their competitors were doing as well.

Testing was another task that Orkin says e-commerce sellers should always be on the forefront of. It could be something as simple as changing messaging or background colors. Or, something more involved, like experimentation with larger product or positioning changes.

One area that Orkin says catches many e-commerce sellers off guard is how often Amazon changes their Terms of Service for sellers. He says changes can happen as often as every week, so keeping up on these changes are essential.

Orkin also highlighted the need to rely on your own team to help grow a successful e-commerce brand. Whether that is an employee, virtual assistant, contractor, or a vendor. Plastiq’s service as a way for businesses to build working capital was brought up as a prime example. By paying your business expenses with your credit card, e-commerce sellers are able to rely on the Plastiq team to provide short-term financing so they can go after new business opportunities.

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