Fee Free Dollars

Plastiq Promotion Codes and Referral Codes


Looking for Plastiq promotion codes? Just click here sign up for a free Plastiq account and you will be notified by email for any new promotions, such as a reduced Plastiq fee on certain payments or amounts.

Give & Get Fee-Free Payments

Once you have a Plastiq account you can begin earning reduced-fee or fee-free payments on Plastiq. With the Plastiq Referral Program you can give and get fee-free payments on Plastiq by way of Fee-Free Dollars (FFDs).

Here’s how it works:

When you click Refer Friends, Pay Less Fees you will be able to copy your personal referral code. Your referral code will be a six digit number. For example, if your code is 464394, then your referral link is try.plastiq.com/464394

When someone uses your referral code at signup, you earn 1,000 FFDs when they make payments totaling $500. Also, they receive 500 FFDs for having made $500 in payments.

How Do Fee-Free Dollar (FFDs) Work?

FFDs can be used on any payment. Just apply them when submitting a payment.

If you have 1,000 FFDs, that means that $1,000 in payments on Plastiq can be made without the Plastiq fee.

How many FFDs can you earn? It’s unlimited. We’ve even had a Plastiq client pay off a house use their FFDs.


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