young man at the desk making credit card payments highlights Plastiq’s product and services

Share: recently wrote about Plastiq, it’s background, and the evolution of the product and service used by more than 1,000,000 clients. The team at aims to better educate consumers about the benefits of credit cards for consumers and businesses.

The highlights from the article:

  • The increasing Plastiq usage among entrepreneurial small business owners. “In addition to standard consumer bill payments, Plastiq also works extensively with small- and medium-sized businesses to conduct B2B payments. Howell pointed to a San Francisco client who runs a coffee shop as a prime example. The client was approached by the grower of the beans used in his coffee and was offered a 5% discount if he doubled his order size. The client jumped at the chance and used Plastiq to fund the transaction through a credit card.”
  • New features to improve the speed of payments. “Customers can also expedite their payments for a small fee. Howell said further options will eventually be added as Plastiq looks for new and innovative ways to make payments even faster.”
  • The continued popularity of the Plastiq Referral Program. “The company’s popular referral program was updated in April 2017 to give users more rewards for sharing Plastiq with their friends. Members earn 1,000 fee-free dollars for every person they refer who signs up and makes at least $500 in payments with the service. The new member also earns 500 fee-free dollars.”

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