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Plastiq Accept:
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It’s free. It’s easy.
And it can give your business a boost.

Introducing Plastiq Accept, which lets any business accept credit cards without fees to you. Now, for free, you can offer your customers more ways to pay, which means more business for you.

Here’s how Plastiq Accept works:


Your customer pays you using their credit card through Plastiq Accept.

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They pay a fee of up to 2.85% for the convenience of using a card. You pay nothing.

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Your customer gets to pay how they want and you get your money faster.

Watch and learn how simple it is to get started with Plastiq Accept.

Even more reasons to use Plastiq Accept.

  • It’s free—never any costs to the business
  • Track all payments from one place
  • Customize and manage invoices
  • Let customers pay how they choose
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You have more questions? We have more answers.

No flat fees, no percentage fees, no monthly fees, no fees at all. Not from us, not from anyone else. Not now and not later.

For the convenience of using their card, they pay a small 2.85% transaction fee. Just a 1% fee if they pay by debit card.

Plastiq works with all major credit cards like Visa, Mastercard and American Express, plus many others.

More than 1 million businesses and consumers have put their trust in us. We’ve handled billions of dollars in payments since we started in 2012.

Not at all. It literally takes just a couple minutes to sign up. So don’t put it off—sign up for free now.

Sign up in just minutes and start accepting credit cards at no cost.

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Plastiq is changing the way we do financial transactions.

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